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Committee Minutes
October 25, 2023

Meeting started at 7:00, went over the last month's meeting minutes. 


Jose explained that although Robert Stewart is doing the job of the scoutmaster, he is not the scoutmaster. We should share the role and not solely be dependent on him nor have the expectation that he will serve in this role. We do not want to inadvertently overwhelm anyone with these duties.


Outdoor Activities: We will depart Sat morning 10/.8 at 8am for Rainwater with 11 Scouts.

Our next backpacking/hiking campout is 11/12 at Big Hill Pond. Robert has begun preparing the scouts for this event.

December winter camp is TBD based on interest and parent participation.

It was determined that we will offer future financial assistance through a signature added in the weekly emails for those who reach out.


Religious award update: 11/18 2:30 religious emblem class will be at 4pm mass, followed by dinner. This will allow the requirements to be completed. Jana is planning an event for Scout Sunday - which will be attended in February on a Saturday night. We plan to honor and reflect on Kevin Rawson during this time, as well as present the Religious awards.


Merit badge college updates:

2/24 invites were sent out - Kurt and Joe Opferman have already volunteered. This year we will also have dog care, bugling, and possibly music.

MBC committee meetings will start on Monday 10/30

-MBC merit badge volunteers must register annually, those outside of troop must pay $25 background check but we will reimburse them.

-basic list of eagle class

We are looking for counselors

Jose will assume role of problem solver at MBC.


November 30 is our next committee meeting due to Thanksgiving.


Nov 2 is the next round table meeting - all invited. Check Chickasaw Council website for details.


Old business - we are getting plaques for Pam R, Rodger and Steve L through the Scout shop to be awarded at the Christmas party - Martha will manage this with Diana - she will obtain Eagle Scout dates. December party currently planned for 12/14, Martha will see if room is available and/or our options? 6pm - Committee members, MBC members, Pack leaders invited too. 


11/10 Memphis Grizzlies vs Utah Jazz Scout night

11/18 8am Nathan Meister eagle project


Eagle update:

Ethan and Daniel projects approved

Daniel only has 2 more Eagle required merit badges left to complete 

Mason needs to submit paperwork for his Board of Review

Jacob has everything completed - pending Board of Review

Nathan's Eagle project 11/18


The troop will do a project in Kevin's name - Scouts can volunteer in Kevin's honor.

We are also considering using the donation money for a Kevin Rawson Summer camp scholarship fund.


Send a reminder to Scouts attending mass - wear full class A, including neckerchief and long pants


Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm

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